ARO.VANA - Professional equipment for metal sheet recasting.

Straight side with double connectiong rod and double reduction

Eccentric press with multiple columns (straight side or H-frame) is very rigid and robust, so it allows great tonnage and large working areas. The energey in transfered to ram through double connecting rod, each with its own reduction. This allows difficult work with great strokes. It is avaliable with three different power ranges from 50 to 400 tons.

All models are equiped with OMPI clutch-brake unit, Siemens PLC control panel, Pilz safety system, automatic lubrication system and hydraulic overload protection system.

Power [tons] Variable speed
Working table
Ram surface
T250 DM-DB 2R 250 14-36 300 550 1950×1150 2000×1150
T315 DM-DB 2R 315 14-34 400 650 2150×1300 2200×1300
T400 DM-DB 2R 400 14-32 400 700 2350×1300 2400×1300


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