ARO.VANA - Professional equipment for metal sheet recasting.

Pneumatic feeders for strips and wires

Strong, rigid and with little wear.

Only best materials used in production. All parts exposed to shocks or sliding are hardened or hard-chrome plated. To eliminate the problems due to moist in the air the valves and cylinders are made of stainless steel and cylinder liners of hard brass.

Precise stroke adjustment. Very hard rear and front shock absorbers can guarantee precise stroke every time. With strongest feeders with 5 rear and 4 front shock absorbers it is possible to adjust the force of abosrtion.

Thick friction plates. It is possible to install special guides for profiles on friction plates. On demand it is also possible to install hardened plates or made of plastic for verfy fragile strips.

Lateral strip guides. It is possible to install strip guides on the entry of the feeder to reduce friction.

Sliding guides. The feeder uses strong hardened sliding guides on the sides. The stroke adjustment is very easy by means of moving the back plate into holes.

Quiet operation.

Low consumption.

Simple installation. It is possible do install the feeder directly to the die.